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Potential $4 billion loot

April 30th 2012

The man behind the treasure

February 17th 2012

Treasure hunter claims $3 billion find... but is it his?

February 6th 2012

Treasure hunter claims to have found $3 billion wreck

February 2nd 2012

Treasure hunters find $3 billion in platinum on sunken WWII wreck

February 2nd 2012

HAITI RELIEF MISSION 2010 - Haiti Relief Video

Dedicated crew shows its heart on epic mission

March 8th 2010

Heart and soul in Haiti

March 7th 2010

Sea Hunter's supplies reach Haitian people

March 6th 2010

At last, Sea Hunter offloading relief supplies

March 5th 2010

Still stalled, relief ship's owner tries ultimatum

March 5th 2010

Relief delivery to orphanage tantalizingly close

March 4th 2010

Haiti Official: Sea Hunter can offload its cargo

March 3rd 2010

Sea Hunter arrives at 2nd Haitian port

February 28th 2010

Owner of Sea Hunter at the end of his rope

February 28th 2010

Pastor Bob buoys spirits as relief ship is kept at bay

February 27th 2010

Ship's mission to Haiti back on course

February 24th 2010

For Haiti-bound Sea Hunter, permission granted

February 23rd 2010

Maine shipmaster says aye to Sea Hunter mission

February 22nd 2010

As cynics feast, hopeful crew won't give up the ship

February 21st 2010

Audio slideshow: Sea Hunter waits off the coast of Miami

February 18th 2010

New shipmaster steps in for Sea Hunter

February 17th 2010

Concern over captain's health tempers crew's excitement

February 16th 2010

Haiti or bust, Sea Hunter's crew keeps eyes on goal

February 14th 2010

Stymied ship unsnarls sticky knot in red tape

February 13th 2010

Mainer's voyage to Haiti now uncertain

February 11th 2010

This time Mainer's not hunting treasure, he's delivering it - to Haiti

January 22nd 2010

KATRINA RELIEF MISSION 2005 - Katrina Relief Video


Sea researchers to help with hurricane efforts

September 17th 2005

Flotilla to leave Fort Myers to aid relief effort on Gulf Coast

September 16th 2005

Hurricane Katrina relief effort fueled with biodiesel

September 15th 2005

Maine company to deliver food, supplies

September 15th 2005

Shrimpers taking 70 tons of supplies to Gulf Coast

September 15th 2005

Maine company leads effort to aid LA fishing villages

September 15th 2005

Maine company leading effort to assist Louisiana fishing villages

September 14th 2005

Shrimp boats taking supplies to hurricane victims

September 13th 2005