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Our Services

  • • Marine Archaeology
  • • Magnetometer Survey - Ferrous Metal
  • • Pulse Detection - Non-Ferrous Metal
  • • R.O.V. System (Hi-Resolution Undersea Color Video) to 1000'
  • • Sonar Imaging to 1500'
  • • Sub-Bottom Profiles
  • • Submerged Ship and Plane Detection / Recovery - Insurance Fraud
  • • Shipwreck Research

About Us

Sub Sea Research is a privately held limited liability corporation based in Portland, Maine USA. Founded in 1984 by Greg and Kathy Brooks and joined by Lois and John Hardy as principal partners in 1993, the company has achieved a steady success rate in locating and recovering researched historic shipwrecks worldwide and continues to develop the Shipwreck Institute of Maine Project. Sub Sea Research is currently involved in recovering the cargo of the SS Port Nicholson, believed to be one of the wealthiest wrecks on the planet.

Greg and Kathy have started and operated several successful businesses and have been active in Shipwreck Explorations for over 20 years. John and Lois Hardy have owned and operated a Portland-based La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery for 20+ years. John was also a Sr. Projects Engineer for NASA and worked on the Apollo Spacesuit design. He brings his considerable engineering development and management experience to Sub Sea. The foursome shares a common dedication to Sub Sea Research's goals and long term success.